How to Draw A Tiger

TigerThe most common lesson of all for a website like this one, how to draw a tiger. Why is it common you may ask? Well, figure it out, I don’t even need to answer that question. So, how do you draw a tiger? Do you start with a triangle, rectangle, square? You’ll need to figure that out as well, but for a tip you will begin with an oval shape and start drawing some of the guidelines when drawing a tiger. Look at any tiger, draw the shapes that you see in the tiger picture, and then draw those shapes. After that, you should be all set. Be sure to look at detail most of the time. When drawing, try making a step by step lesson of your own. That way it’ll be easier for you to draw that tiger again. If you think about it, drawing a tiger is pretty easy. I would prefer a basic looking tiger first, like drawing a cartoon tiger, then you move onto the more advanced looking tigers. Keep practising and if your looking for more tips, we prefer this website’s drawing tutorial: how to draw a tiger. There’s also a drawing video that we’ll like to share bellow. The video will teach you how to draw a tiger step by step and “Yes,” the video is from YouTube.

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